What to Expect

Oasis Community Acupuncture
36614 Newark Blvd.
(corner Mayhews Landing)
Newark, CA 94560
(510) 552-2208

What to Expect

Acupuncture Clinic

To help make the practice sustainable, several clients are treated in one hour, in a shared room, on recliners. The treatment area is a Quiet Zone, so as a courtesy to others, please whisper when you need to communicate with me in this area.

Only sterile, single-use needles are used. These are hair-thin, unlike the hypodermic needles used for injections by doctors.

Most people feel nothing on insertion of the needles. You may rest with the needles until you feel comfortably alert. This can be after 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. Most clients become deeply relaxed and fall asleep soon after needle insertion. If you need to be out of the treatment room by a certain time, please advise me when I insert the needles.

The temperature in the treatment room is monitored and kept at a comfortable setting. There are blankets available. Soft, soothing music plays in the background.


Most people will need follow-up treatments. A small minority may feel 100% better after one treatment. A few may get no relief for a condition that acupuncture has helped many others.

Generally, a condition you've had from a day, to a few weeks or several months, tends to respond quicker to acupuncture than a chronic condition. For a condition you've had for a while (from about 3 months to years), it usually takes from 6 to 10 treatments to see substantial improvement. Some chronic conditions may need more than one course of treatment (one course = about 10 visits). I will discuss a treatment plan with you (as needed) at the first visit.