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Ginny R., 8/28/2009
I went to Oasis Community Acupuncture in serious pain. The results have been truly amazing. In four months, I've achieved the kind of recovery my doctor told me would take a year or more. I feel like I am riding a wave toward optimum health and well-being.

David Villanueva is a first class professional healer: compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced and genuine. The community healthcare model makes acupuncture treatment affordable and easy to schedule.

I highly recommend Oasis Community Acupuncture for anyone seeking a safe and effective way to treat a wide variety of health problems. Check out the website now!

Jenn M.
Updated - 5/22/2009
I can't say enough about David and Oasis Acupuncture. He has been incredibly flexible with my schedule and really cares about how I'm doing. I've come to a point where I only need to go once every couple of weeks. My back has not been a problem for months now! Such a relief!

Ruth S., 4/2009

I have been receiving treatment for epilepsy at Oasis Community Acupuncture for approximately 2 months and a half, and have had very excellent results. After every session, I feel like my mood changes dramatically. I am much less tense.

Adam Z., 3/15/2009
It's been a couple of days now that I have gone to Oasis and I must admit that David, the acupuncturist does an exceptional job! I'm not giving Oasis 5 stars for no reason, it's because Oasis deserves it.

I strongly recommend Oasis for those who suffer from stress (as it is in my case) and would like to relax in a comfortable setting. David is very knowledgeable and cares for his patients.

Isabelle T., 1/29/2009
Yesterday, I had a wonderful acupuncture treatment at Oasis Community Acupuncture in Newark, Ca. I have been suffering from vertigo for the last 2 years and although the spinning and extreme dizziness is not always there, there's a constant glazed, 'not-all-there' sensation but with quick head turns and movements, it brings on the dizziness.

I went to Oasis for treatment and I was led into a room and into a chair that could be reclined into 'zero gravity'. With the soft, calming music playing, it was very relaxing. After a few needles, I rested and even dozed off. The other patient in the room was dozing off as well.

An hour later, David, the acupuncturist, walked in to remove the needles. I then slowly stood up and found that my glazed feeling was considerably less and that I could move around quicker. What a relief!

I will be back for subsequent treatments and I know this will be one of the best things I've done!

Note: Last night I was so relaxed from the treatment that I went to bed early and slept really, really well!.

G.B., 9/19/2008
I've been going to Oasis Community Acupuncture in Newark, CA for about 2 months. My carpal tunnel syndrome has been really bad and also I was having heel pain from doing cardio kickboxing. Since I've been going my carpal tunnel has been feeling so much better. ..I don't have the pain in the wrist or numbness/tingling in the fingers...its really helped a lot especially since I'm on the computer a lot.

David has been very helpful in explaining how the acupuncture works and he's very flexible in scheduling. You get good treatments at low cost. My heel pain has also subsided. I would recommend Oasis Community to everyone whose looking for treatments that work and prices that are economical.

Jenn M., 9/8/2008
I have gone through 3 different acupuncturists to get to David. I went to one acupuncturist for my migraines and all he could talk about was his credentials. He would talk 70 percent of the time and treat 30%, plus his billing practices were questionable. The second guy I went to told me that I should not be going to physical therapy, not exercising at all and lying flat, AND wearing a brace all day long. AND he put the needles directly into my pain points....which did nothing for me. All in all, told me that he would bill insurance, didn't and then billed me 70$ for wasting my time!

Then I found David. The cost of the treatment was less important to me (but definitely a factor), than how I actually felt afterwords!

So my ailments include Migraines, two herniated discs in my back, arthritis in my hands. David has been able to positively affect all my pain points and bring me to the next level when physical therapy and anti-inflamatories had gotten me as far as they could. I took my husband with me for the initial visit with David....thank goodness, because I was so relaxed afterwords and felt so good that I don't think I should have been driving! :) Just imagine feeling the way you feel when you've had a massage for 1.5 hours.....and that is how I feel when I leave Oasis. VERY relaxed and balanced!

I've been seeing David at Oasis for 2 months now, and I'm back to work full time, and able to get back to my everyday activities!

The only regret that I have is that I can't take David with me to the East Coast when I have to move back next year!

Additionally - he's VERY flexible with schedules and not full of himself, like the other acupuncturists I've encountered.


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